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Frida is one of the most impressive therapist that I have ever worked with. She was a critical part in my rehab and preparation for the 2017 NFL draft. Not only does she go above and beyond in trying to solve any problems that may be affecting your body, but she will also invest time in building a relationship. This goes a long way in feeling comfortable during sessions. Frida is a must if you are looking to improve the capabilities of your body.


Working with Frida has delivered outstanding results. She is friendly and kind and also an excellent therapist. She is well trained in a variety of techniques/disciplines, and she uses her full range of knowledge to treat her patients. I have been recovering from two major hip surgeries for the past three years, and I have seen a wide variety of therapists in that time. I've learned that many therapists are set in their ways and never think innovatively to solve problems. Frida is the exact opposite -- she finds creative solutions rather than staying inside the box. I could not recommend her any more highly, and she is very reasonably priced as well, given her considerable skill set. If you have been struggling to make a breakthrough with your current physical therapist/massage therapist, you should definitely see Frida!


Frida is very professional and highly competent in understanding my musculoskeletal issues. Being from Iceland and having studied and trained as an Osteopath in the United Kingdom, Frida has afforded me the exposure to international techniques that I otherwise would not have with a traditional American Manual Therapist. I believe her experience has equipped her to adeptly analyze my issues and teach me a more holistic viewpoint in identifying my trigger points and muscular thresholds, an important and critical aspect that has been missing in my previous massage therapy sessions. Because of her I now have the tools to reach our milestone of me becoming self sufficient and self preventive in my treatment.


I've practiced dentistry in Newport for 42 years. Back and neck issues are occupational hazards that have impacted me for years. Frida has helped me greatly in recognizing and treating my problem areas to keep me in working order! Her background in Osteopathy make her eminently qualified to treat these conditions. She has given me recommendations for home exercises that also have helped with flexibility and pain management. Thanks,'re the best!


Frida is amazing to work with! She is caring, competent, and just a wonderful human being. She really helps me with my sore back, neck, or sore joints. She has also helped my wife a lot, who has chronic pelvic pain. Do yourself a favor and go see Frida! You deserve it. Our bodies work so hard for us and they need some TLC!


Frida is my go-to therapist every week. She's helped me tremendously to manage my pain, and I come out of each session with a big smile on my face :).

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